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Fully Integrated Electronic And Physical Security Measures Provide Total Protection.

Improving Your Facility’s Security: Guides by Sector

Whether you’re a small business or a major industry leader, security is critical to your organization’s success. Now more than ever, facilities large and small, public and private, need advanced security solutions to protect their employees, customers, and proprietary data.…

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Tribute In Light Remembers The September 11 Terrorist Attacks With Statue Of Liberty In Foreground.

Safety Transformed: How 9/11 Changed Private Security

As we recognize the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks against the United States, we have an opportunity for deep reflection. After 9/11, private security was no longer an afterthought for businesses, venues, and agencies; suddenly, organizations of…

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A Man In A Face Mask Uses A Touchless Entry System To Securely Enter The Workplace

Four Ways COVID-19 Changed the Security Industry

We’re all slowly getting used to “the new normal” that COVID-19 brought on the world. Leaders of just about every industry are learning to adapt to a new way of working and protecting what they’ve earned. Security integration is certainly…

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Woman Entering Building Using Electronic Security

What is Electronic Security?

When you picture a security plan, do you envision secret key codes, a hidden room with many screens for monitoring operations? Maybe some lasers? You may be watching too many James Bond movies!  While some of these elements do encompass…

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