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Barriers Stop Potential Intruder at US Capitol

Security In the News:

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, a 29-yar old man drove a car toward the US Capital Building. However, the barriers around the US Capital are secure and well placed, and thus prevented the man from getting close to this highly protected facility. Read the full story here.

It’s unfortunate that in today’s world we see headlines like this one, but it also serves as a constant reminder that the world is unpredictable and the best way to protect yourself and your important assets is to be prepared. While we are saddened by the outcome of the August 14 situation at the Capital, we’re relieved that the physical barrier products did their jobs and prevented an even greater tragedy.

While Tusco, Inc. did not install the barriers at the US Capital, we install very similar products for our clients across the United States. At Tusco, our mission is to build a reliable and secure world. And a large part of what we do involves securing perimeters of what we call “high target” facilities or venues. One of the most practical and useful tools that we use to secure perimeters is barriers and bollards.

Wedge Barriers
Available in various crash ratings and subjected to thorough inspections, these top-of-the-line security products utilize access controls such as keypads, card readers, photo eyes, and loop detectors to admit authorized vehicles in a precisely controlled sequence of operations. Wedge barriers are vehicle security barriers often installed alongside other high-security products such as bollards, security gates, guard booths, and drop arms to provide one of the world’s most formidable vehicular protection systems.

Portable Barriers
Available in 12, 16, and 20 foot clear openings, the MP5000 can be towed to any location where vehicle security is required. The entire barrier can be set up in less than fifteen minutes, and it is self-contained and battery-powered. This wedge barrier is an excellent option for areas where high security and traffic control are needed for short periods of time, such as meetings, political rallies, sports games, and many others.

Tusco’s team of certified installers are qualified and experienced in the installation, operation, and maintenance of high security bollards and barriers. Available as stationary, removable, manual, or automatically operated (electromechanically and hydraulically), Tusco regularly installs both crash-rated and non-rated bollards barriers at locations such as data centers, government buildings, high profile sports venues, military bases, and airports.

Through the versatility of their design, high security bollards suit a variety of applications. A shallow mount bollard fencing system can utilize a wide but shallow foundation in areas where underground lines or other conditions prevent deep excavations. Conversely, standard in-ground models offer equal protection in areas where adjacent space is limited. Many of these are available in decorative barrier options that will not only increase a site’s perimeter security, but also its exterior beauty.

Beam Barrier
Non-rated models are an effective solution for basic vehicular access control for areas like parking decks and parking lots. Crash-rated beam barricades provide high security in tight areas where traditional slide or swing gates might not have adequate room to function. They are also used in areas where pedestrians are allowed to move freely, but limited vehicular access is required. Tusco’s team of certified technicians have installed beam barriers at various government buildings, military bases, and other high-security facilities.