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Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling systems are the arrangement of cabling along with associated hardware, which provides a full telecommunications infrastructure for a commercial building or industrial facility.

A structured cabling system has the ability to assist with a wide range of applications, such as providing telephone service and transmitting data. Tusco, Inc. provides a variety of communications systems from wired to wireless networks.

Some of our standard products for structured cabling systems include:

  • Inside and Outside Plant Copper, Category 5, 6, 6A offers copper wiring systems that accommodate the certification of specifications defining the Category 5, 6, and 6A standard.
  • Inside and Outside Plant Optical Fiber, Single and Multi-Mode allow for a variety of optical fiber system options for long-distance telecommunication, high-speed connections between buildings, and other applications.
  • Fusion Splicing Single Fiber and Ribbon can be used to fuse or weld one fiber to another or to complete fiber ribbon from ribbon cable all at once.

Structured cabling systems have many uses, making this communications tool able to meet your company’s unique needs. Our team at Tusco, Inc. remains educated and knowledgeable about industry standards, and we can help select the right solution for your company’s present and future needs.

Intercom Paging Systems

At any commercial building or industrial facility, communication systems help keep employees, clients, and stakeholders informed, secure, and safe.

Communication systems are essential to a facility, not only as a security measure but also for emergencies and natural disasters.

Our team at Tusco, Inc. is knowledgeable in communications solutions, and we provide a wide variety of communications systems from wired to wireless networks.

We have a comprehensive variety of communications systems products, including:

  • Sound Masking Systems provide background noise to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy.
  • Audio and Video Intercom Systems allow for secure communication, video verification to restricted areas, and other access control applications.
  • Mass Notification Systems inform and protect the people at a building or facility by sending direct messages and critical alerts.
  • Overhead Paging Systems allow for notifications, announcements, and other information to quickly and efficiently reach the employees and clients in a building or facility.
  • Campus Emergency Systems alert students, teachers, and staff of potential threats, emergencies, or other important messages through campus-wide communication efforts.

A communication system is beneficial for the security management of a facility. To ensure that the right communication system is installed and maintained in your facility, reach out to our Tusco, Inc. team.

Mass Notification Systems

Use multiple systems for an instant, mass communication for a variety of emergency situations.

Typical situations vary between severe weather, building lockdown, evacuations, and other crisis and general safety alerts. Tusco integrates these systems consisting of access control for lockdown, CCTV for visual monitoring, Overhead Paging for audible alerts, SMS and Email for instant messaging.