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4 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Security Integrator

Adding security measures to your facility or campus is no small feat. When you are embarking on a security project that includes physical security, electronic security, and communications, many moving pieces determine the success of your facility’s security systems.

While the process may seem daunting, there is a solution: hiring a full-service security integrator. 

4 Key Benefits of Full-Service Security Integrator

Our team at Tusco, Inc. has years of experience working in the security industry for a wide variety of clients. As a full-service integrator, we know the advantages of partnering with a company like us to quickly, efficiently, and affordably complete your project.


1. Simplicity: A Singular Point of Contact

When you work with independent contractors for each aspect of your security project, you have many roles to fill. Instead of making various calls to check on the status of your project, a full-service security integrator makes things easy by managing each phase of your project, giving you one person responsible for the quality and success of your security project.


2. Improved Efficiency 

Similarly, a full-service security integrator saves you time, leading to a more efficient security installation or update for your facility. As the leader of your project, a full-service integrator is responsible for handling the project’s timing and scheduling. A trustworthy full-service integrator works hard to properly manage each phase to stay on track for on-time completion, regardless of any potential setbacks. 


3. Increased Profitability 

Instead of fighting over competitively priced contractors, a full-service security integrator has the expertise to do the job correctly at an honest price. Instead of hiring one integrator to complete the physical security, and one to complete electronic security, a full-service security integrator works both pieces together, ensuring that there is never a missed step. Without having to go back and correct errors, the profitability of a project is secure.


4. Partner With Industry Experts 

While some contractors may know about certain security aspects, a full-service security integrator sees the big picture of how each element works together for a comprehensive security system. Additionally, when you partner with a full-service security integrator like Tusco, Inc. that has been awarded the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFETY Act Designation, you can rest assured that you are investing in high-quality security systems for your facility. 


Tusco, Inc. – The Nation’s Leading Full-Service Security Integrator 

With over 40 years in the security industry, our team at Tusco, Inc. has incredible physical security, electronic security, and communications experience. Our turn-key construction management security services show how effective we are at managing complex security projects utilizing the services of certified contractors such as electricians, masonry contractors, concrete and paving contractors, and excavators. 

We guarantee that our team of experts will complete your project correctly and promptly! 

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