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Taking a 360-Degree View of Complete Security Solutions

At Tusco, our job is to look at every angle of every project. We work tirelessly to sure up weaknesses, uncover blind spots, and consider every possible threat as we build complete curb-to-core security solutions. And as security has evolved over the years, so have our solutions.

As a specialty contractor, Tusco has designed and built physical security solutions for almost 50 years. Built on five decades of experience, we are a nationwide leader in bollards, wedge barriers, cable fencing, gates, and more. However, we know that security doesn’t stop with physical construction. To achieve complete, 360-degree security solutions, electronic security such as access control systems, video surveillance, and intrusion detection are the perfect addition to guard booths and perimeter fencing. Building on our contractor expertise and security knowledge, Tusco has expanded our services to incorporate electronic security, communications, and maintenance services. And when combined with our best-in-class physical construction, it creates what we call Tusco360.


With our proven, proprietary blend of physical and electronic security solutions, Tusco360 provides complete, end-to-end security solutions for property protection while giving our clients a single point of contact for all their security needs. Our unique approach to pairing physical and electronic security into one complete package combined with our capacity to handle any sized project, makes Tusco an ideal partner for general contractors, facility owners, and government organizations. It sets us apart as a nationwide leader in the industry.

Physical Security

Tusco360 starts with physical security construction. Tusco’s physical security abilities are as big as our clients’ needs. Whether you need to block vehicle passageways, fence in a property, or install check-in points, we have the physical security options perfect for you. Our highly-specialized team, coupled with our Safety Act Designation, gives us the ability to take on government projects, sports venues, and other high-profile physical security needs. The quality of our work and the reliability of our team speaks for itself.

Physical Security Solutions Include:

Electronic Security

As a systems integrator, Tusco utilizes technology to build electronic security solutions that secure facility interiors. Our integration experts work with each client to plan, design, and implement innovative technologies that pair with our physical solutions to create complete security solutions. This unique pairing gives us a complete, 360-degree solution that ensures your property, assets, and people stay safe.

Electronic Security Solutions Include:

The Perfect Blend

At Tusco, our proven process for design, build, and support, combined with our unique approach to pairing physical and electronic security into one complete package, makes Tusco an ideal partner for general contractors, facility owners, and government organizations. With a contractor’s approach to project management, we work with each client to assess needs, address threats, and build custom 360 solutions that deliver the perfect mix of physical and electronic. And because we’re experts in both, we serve as a single source for our clients, which ensures that systems perfectly complement each other, eliminates redundancies, and improves communication, speed, and efficiency.

Many security providers can offer some portion of what we do. A few security providers can provide everything that we do. None can deliver the same end-to-end solutions with the level of quality, performance, and expertise of Tusco. And with Tusco360, we proudly provide complete security solutions to our clients across the country and the world.