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A Man In A Face Mask Uses A Touchless Entry System To Securely Enter The Workplace

Four Ways COVID-19 Changed the Security Industry

We’re all slowly getting used to “the new normal” that COVID-19 brought on the world. Leaders of just about every industry are learning to adapt to a new way of working and protecting what they’ve earned. Security integration is certainly no exception. As the pandemic forced many workers online, security teams have seen a marked uptick in demand—and a host of new threats to respond to.

Security integration is an ever-evolving field in the best of times, which primed the way for industry leaders to adapt to the new challenges. Since early 2020, we’ve been redefining what safety means and staying ahead of numerous unpredictable changes. Now, as security integrators have solidified their roles as protectors in new ways, our experts at Tusco, Inc. are taking stock of the major impacts COVID-19 has had on the security industry.

Touchless Entry Systems

As soon as the magnitude of COVID-19 became clear, security integrators knew that contactless entry systems would be crucial to maintaining health and safety. Though touchless entry systems have been around for a long time, demand suddenly spiked—as did the need for these systems to be seamless, secure, and reliable.

Proximity card readers not only allow contactless entry into buildings and facilities but also help you keep track of the number of people inside at any given time. Plus, smartphone and tablet control give business owners even more ways to manage, monitor, and control access to both physical and electronic assets.

A Focus on Cybersecurity

Remote and hybrid work models have emphasized the need for business and property owners to focus on cybersecurity. As more employees access their workspaces from unsecured home Wi-Fi networks, security teams have seen a marked increase in threats. In fact, ransomware attacks have increased 62% worldwide since 2019. Protecting your company’s equipment, files, and databases requires an investment in integrated services with airtight cloud databases. 

Even misconfigured cloud services can lead to sensitive company data leaking into the public domain. This is why choosing a professional, full-service security integrator to manage and set up a comprehensive, state-of-the-art security system is paramount to any business’s success.

Remote Management Capabilities

Early in the pandemic, security integrators faced the possibility that companies wouldn’t install or maintain their security systems due to the physical presence of contractors. In addition to implementing new health and safety protocols for site assessments and installations, we had to rethink our physical presence.

Thankfully, with advanced remote management capabilities, IT teams can manage a facility’s network remotely. Whether your access control system requires network updates or you need to operate your video surveillance system from a distance, you’re covered. Less physical interaction with the critical infrastructure of your security system is one more way to reduce jobsite health and safety risks.

Monitoring, Redefined

We’re not only monitoring for robberies and vandalism anymore, thanks to COVID-19. Federal, local, and company-level guidelines have made tracking and monitoring comings and goings in your facility a top priority. Companies who are still on work-from-home or hybrid models also need to be able to oversee the security of the building when it is empty. 

High-tech video surveillance systems with cloud storage can help you watch unattended workspaces and monitor for health and safety violations. With advanced video analytics and remote management capabilities, you can keep track of virtually anything—from virtually anywhere.

Security Integration for a Safer World

A fully integrated security system has always been a smart idea. Still, COVID-19 has proved the importance of having all of your physical security and electronic security needs under one umbrella. When both health and safety are on the line for your employees and customers, you can’t afford to leave any gaps in your security strategy. 

At Tusco, Inc., we listen to our customers and their ever-evolving concerns to find the best security solution for them. By understanding your facility’s unique needs and providing safer, stronger, and healthier solutions, we can help you focus on keeping your revenue flowing and your team secure.

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